The ETech Network is a network of Minecraft Servers hosted on enterprise-grade equipment with the aim to provide a fun and fast gameplay experience no matter what you are looking for. These servers include:

  • Minigames (1.15.2 native, compatible with 1.8.0-1.17.1) [/warp hub] [/warp lobby] [/warp spawn]
  • A Survival world! (1.16.5 native, compatible with 1.8.0-1.17.1) [/server survival]
  • Another Survival world! (1.16.5 native, compatible with 1.8.0-1.17.1) [/server survival2]
  • Yet another Survival world! (1.16.5 native, compatible with 1.8.0-1.17.1) [/server survival3]
  • A creative freebuild! Now has land claiming! (1.16.5 native, compatible with 1.8.0-1.17.1) [/warp freebuild]
  • A flat freebuild! (1.15.2 native, compatible with 1.8.0-1.17.1) [/warp flatfreebuild]
  • A "Layers" survival world. Peaceful difficulty and very easy to get resources. (1.15.2 native, 1.8.0-1.17.1 compatible) [/warp layers]
  • A Modded Minecraft server! (Watch the video by clicking the "Modded Minecraft" Button!) [/server modded] [Modded 1.12.2]
  • An Anarchy Server! A survival server with no rules! (see this article.) (1.16.5 native, 1.8.0-1.17.1 compatible) [/server anarchy]
  • A Skyblock Server! (like Hypixel, but smaller.) (1.8.8 native, 1.8.0-1.17.1 compatible) [/server skyblock]
  • A DayZ Survival Server! (Like the game. You fight and kill zombies.) (1.16.5 native, 1.8.0-1.17.1 compatible) [/server dayz]

...and more!

All servers in the network have protections against hackers and griefers. These players should not disrupt your experience.

We have friendly staff waiting to help you if you ever need it. Make sure to screenshot the error! Join our discord to get help.

A quick FAQ:
YES, we know our name sucks
YES, we know It's redundant
NO, we won't change it because people told us not to

IP: etech.crazycraftmc.net OR play.etechtechnologies.org

Java Port: 25565
Bedrock Port: 19132