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  1. No griefing of any kind on any server. (anarchy server excluded).
  2. No stealing of any kind on any server. (anarchy server excluded).
  3. No hacking of any kind on any server. (anarchy server excluded). Punishment path: Kick -> 1 day ban -> perm ban.
  4. No comments that promote any type of racism.
  5. No comments that promote Nazis.
  6. Swearing is allowed, the N-word is not. There is a chat filter.
  7. No harassment/bullying of any other players.
  8. Respect the admins. They have the final call.
Overall, just don't be a jerk. We want the server to be a fun experience for everyone.
Rule 0… Read and understand all rules
Rule 1... Please do not spam- Raids are not tolerated either. Please keep capital letters to a minimum.
Rule 2... Swearing is allowed but please don't overuse/abuse it. Slurs are not allowed under any circumstances.
Rule 3... Be respectful towards everyone, and report to staff you see harassment. Racism, sexism, and homophobia are not tolerated. Basically don’t be a jerk and report jerks. 
Rule 4... Be respectful towards staff. They have the final word and do not argue them. 
Rule 5... Please keep relevancy in the chats with specific purposes unless they are voice chats. Also please do not abuse music bots or other types of bots. 
Rule 6... Advertising is not allowed in chats, voice chats, or DMs anywhere apart from the advertising channel.
Rule 7... Do not ask for admin in both Minecraft or Discord servers, you won’t win. 
Rule 8... We have the right to delete certain messages and mute you. You chose to join the server and you have the right to leave. No one is stopping you. 
Rule 9... No NSFW pictures, videos, comments, and posts are allowed on the discord server.
Rule 10... Follow all of Discord’s TOS and community guidelines. 
Rule 11... If any of the rules above are violated, report to staff immediately. 
Rule 12... Please keep politics out of chats. We don’t want fights.

Punishments: You will get 1 verbal warning until banning gets involved. Depending on the rules you break, your ban time will differ. This can change from admin to admin to owner. 

Note: if you have any questions about violations or rules, please ask any staff members! They will be glad to help.