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In the Creative server (/server creative) you must claim chunks  before   you can build. Sorry, a few bad apples ruined it for everyone.
6 months ago

Changelog 4/5/2021 I have added the ability to do /rtp in all the Survival servers (anarchy excluded) and the creative server. This teleports you to a random location in the world. There is a one hour cooldown between teleports, and there is no way to get back to your old location once you teleport. Command: /rtp Valid in: /server survival /server survival2 /server survival3 /server creative Server IP:  or
7 months ago

Do you want to report a bug/request a feature for the skyblock server? Reply to this forum. Make sure to make it clear what you are talking about (feature request or bug report).
8 months ago

Anarchy Server Information So many of you know about the new Anarchy server. There aren't really any rules (because anarchy) but there is still something that you cannot do. Cheating Cheating, for the most part, is allowed on the anarchy server only . not the whole network. Some cheats are not allowed. These include any types of exploit hacking, server crashing hacks, or fly hacks. Other hacks are ok and fair game in anarchy. So how do I join? You start by joining our network. The IP is: After that, you will need to join the anarchy server. You can do so by using the command: /server anarchy Once you do those things you will be in the anarchy server! Have fun playing on Minecraft 1.7.2-latest. The server is native to 1.16.5 so always play on the latest version for the best experience. The latest version of bedrock will also work.   Thank you for reading. Questions? Reply to this post.  
9 months ago

What is happening? As you may know, we just started a new network called CrazyCraft. While this server was originally going to be dedicated to games, we decided to add something else to it. What are you doing? Slowly we will begin to migrate the ETech Network into CrazyCraft. All the servers on ETech will be part of CrazyCraft eventually. When is this happening? As of now (1/31/2021) we do not have a date of the migration. No changes will be made for a while. What will happen to my data? Your data will also be migrated. No data will be lost across any of the ETech servers during the process. What will happen to ETech? We will probably migrate the servers one by one, shutting them down on ETech as they are migrated. They will be available on CrazyCraft before they are shut down on ETech. Once they are all migrated ETech will kick you on join. The kick message will give you the IP to the CrazyCraft network. After a period of time (probably about a year, maybe longer) It will be completely down. No kick message. Any questions or concerns? Reply to this forum!
9 months ago